Our Personal & Business Mantra

I think it’s important that everyone has a mantra. Whether your mantra is in business, life or both, it’s necessary to have one. 'Mantra', originally from Hinduism or Buddhism, is a word or sound repeated to aid concentration. In business the mantra guides the company and tells customers and employees who the company is. It is the backbone of the company culture. In life your mantra should be a constant reminder. A common mantra in life is the golden rule: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” A reminder to treat others fairly. In business a mantra should be the core of the company.

Apple’s mantra “Think Different” embodies everything they have accomplished. It guided them to disrupt multiple markets and remain at the top of each industry in which they operate.  It’s a core of their business from the company culture, to the products they design, to their style of announcements.

"Be the change." This is the mantra of Born Fitness, an online health, fitness and consulting company. This mantra ties into everything they do and create. They are redefining the health and fitness industry by changing confusing information, changing individual frustration, changing one's physical appearance and mindset, and changing business's for the better. It's both a mantra and a slogan. They use #BeTheChange to unite what they call a 'family,' a group of individuals who are taking charge of their health.

In business and life a mantra should be a few words, uncomplicated, that encompasses who you are. Our Garthwaite real estate and staging team has a mantra that I have been following my whole life. For as long as I can remember my mom and dad have had one rule for me. Growing up they had a rule they told my three siblings and I over and over again: "always have fun." Our business team adopted this rule and made it our mantra.

“Always have fun.” It’s so simple, yet so easily forgotten. Life should be fun. So many times we encounter people in our everyday life that are in a bad mood for whatever reason. Work is hard, relationships are hard, life is hard, but we can’t forget that all those things are supposed to be fun too. In the words of Paul Walker, "If you can't have fun, there's no sense in doing it." It's cliché, but life is so short. You blink and it's a new year, You blink and it's your 50th birthday, You blink and your kids are moving out. Life happens and it happens fast.

take time to play.jpg

For us this mantra is a constant reminder to relax and enjoy. How many of you have ever moved? Lifting couches over your head, through doorways, upstairs is bound to create frustration. This is what we do day in and day out in our staging business.  Sure, we get frustrated... a lot... but it's all about mindset. With the constant reminder to 'always have fun' we are able to change our whole attitude. 

The same goes for real estate. For me the hardest part of this business is the emotional roller coaster that comes with it. There's certain times in the year when I'm fired up, I'm busy and I'm excited about everything. Then there are other times where I make a mistake or lose a client and I get down on myself. It happens. Life throws you down, the important part is how you react and get back up. When I make a mistake I use the reminder 'always have fun' to get outside and play. I go for a hike or a run and my perspective is restored. I'm able to move on without that frustration bringing me down further. 

If you don't have a mantra I encourage you to find one. Something that will help remind you how you want to live life. A motivator, a mindset, a guide. 

Need a starting place or an idea for your mantra? This article in Forbes provides a list of mantras that guide several different organizations. 

Have a personal mantra you want to share with us or just say what's up? Feel free to email us at kayla@goodacreproperties.com or peter@goodacreproperties.com. 

From our Garthwaite team to you and yours we remind you to Always Have Fun.