No Fluff, No Bulls…!

Welcome! It's my pleasure to share our new website with you! This has been a long time coming, but we finally brought our business to the 21st century. As you probably know, a  business without a website in this day in age is not a business, so here we finally are, a business! 

How did I know it was time to get a website (besides the fact that every business needs one)? Well, the company that both my dad and I work for, Goodacre & Company, has their own website where our faces and names are featured under the agents tab. 

Along with that, our names are displayed across the internet on our social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well as on real estate sights such as Zillow,, etc. These are all good.

Our business Facebook page, 'Peter & Kayla Garthwaite - Goodacre & Company' allows us to connect with past, present and future clients and stay connected in real time.

Our Twitter handle @GarthwaiteRE allows us to share tid-bits about ourselves, our listings, the market, homes and real estate in general.

LinkedIn allows us to connect with potential future client's and stay up to date with past clients career paths. However, none of these give a full picture of who we are. The missing piece: our own business website. 

If you go to the Goodacre & Company website and click on agents you will find us. The only problem is you have to scroll all the way to the bottom. Our names are dead last. If a potential lead is looking for a realtor what's the chance they are going to scroll through all of the other agents to get to us? Slim. 

Now here's the best part. The agents tab on the Goodacre website is full of bios of all the agents who work in the office. Some are longer than others but ours takes the prize for the shortest-don't get me wrong- this was done on purpose.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, the second to last name is Peter Garthwaite. Next to Peter Garthwaite's name his bio says 'I am Peter Garthwaite.' That's it. It's been this way for the 26 years he's been with Goodacre.

When Goodacre was first creating their website they asked the agents in the office to write a bio. So Peter wrote what knew to be true. As he describes it, "no fluff and no bulls..." For me it very simply explains who my dad is and the reason I love working with him so much.

He's raw and honest in everything he does. He's always professional but also has a sense of humor and makes every day fun. He is who he is and he doesn't change based on the situation. It doesn't matter if he's meeting a first time homebuyer or a millionaire looking to purchase their third home, he approaches each meeting the same way. He doesn't dress up or down to anyone and he doesn't talk up or down to anyone. No fluff, no bulls...

In true Garthwaite fashion I followed his lead. At the very bottom of the page is my name, Kayla Garthwaite, and next to it reads 'I am Kayla Garthwaite.' This is something that we love and will never change. It shows a little bit about who we are. Raw, simple, honest. We know not everyone will get our sense of humor with this, so I created a website for those who need a little more… substance.

This website will help you get to know the kind of people we are. What we love, what makes us come alive, what we are good at, how we communicate, where we need improvement, and most of all whether or not we are your kind of people. 

Our business is based on relationships. We want you to like us before you decide to work with us. So, come, explore, get to know us better, then give us a call or send us an introduction. We love meeting new people!

Looking forward! 

Kayla & Peter