Peter has been a real estate associate broker under Goodacre & Company for almost 30 years . He grew up in Boulder where he attended Fairview High School and the University of Colorado. He is the father of four beautiful children, one of which he gets the opportunity to work with everyday. He has vast experience in the real estate market, not only as a broker, but as an investor in rental properties and fix-and-flips, extensive hands on experience in every aspect of the construction process,  and over 10 years working with his wife in Property Staging & Design. Due to this experience, having him as your agent provide's you with a leg up in information above that of any other realtor. He knows the ins and outs of a house and can help you point out the small details that mean the most when it comes to buying or selling property. Peter prides himself on helping his clients make money. Buying a house is a huge event in one's life, so he wants his clients to find a place that is not only the perfect fit, but also a great investment for the future.

Kayla was born and raised in Boulder, where she followed her father's footsteps by attending Fairview High School and the University of Colorado. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Finance and Marketing. Her entrepreneurial mindset pushed her to obtain her real estate associate broker license and partner up with her father under Goodacre & Company in Boulder. She has been around real estate since a very young age and knows how this business works. Kayla is young and eager. A small 5'2'' ball of energy ready to work for you. She currently lives in Denver, allowing The Garthwaite Group to provide real estate services in the metro Denver area as well as Boulder County. Her background in schooling and multiple marketing jobs prior to real estate has provided her with the skills necessary to be the marketing guru of their team. 

Jessica Charlesworth has lived in Boulder for the past 15 years. She is the proud mother of 3 children, two of which are twins. Jessica's expertise is the market in Louisville, Colorado. Jessica is the easiest person to get along with. She has the most contagious positive and fun personality. The perfect fit for this team. She pride's herself on her utmost attention to detail, her loyalty, honesty and ability to listen to your needs. Jessica has a great vision with creative ideas and solutions for all home buyers and sellers. 

With a mother and wife who owns and operates a property staging business, Property Staging & Design, The Garthwaite Group has the ability to stage all of their listings for their clients.  Property Staging & Design has staged hundreds of homes in and around Boulder. Heidi (Kayla's mom & Peter's wife) is the designer and brains behind the business. In 10 years of business she has continually impressed people with her ability to take homes that have been on the market for years and sell them in days, turn outdated bungalows into modern luxury properties and make owners re-think the reason they are moving all together. She has an eye for decorating that provides you with a huge advantage in selling your home. By taking advantage of The Garthwaite Group's real estate services you are given access to Heidi's decorating talents that will make your home stand out from the competition. On average homes that are professionally staged sell for more than the comparable, un-staged homes and spend less time on the market. 

On a personal level, Peter, Kayla and Jessica are all outdoor enthusiast. They love to hike, ski, bike, run and climb. Anything that brings them closer to their personal edge and the beauty of the outdoors. Peter & Kayla's greatest interest lies in hiking. In particular they love taking on the challenging 54 14er's in Colorado. The mountains are their passion, their escape, their sanity and the love of their lives. Their favorite place in all of Boulder is on the top of Mt. Sanitas. When the snow melts and the weather gets a little bit warm you can find them powering up the steep side of the trail, trying to break their personal record to the top. Peter, Kayla and Jessica all enjoy being active in their community where they participate in local active groups, visit street fairs and farmers markets and volunteer their time. With similar interests, Kayla, Peter and Jessica make it a necessity to mix life and play into their busy workday.

The Garthwaite Group team is the most diligent yet easygoing people you will work with. They know how stressful buying or selling a house is and pride themselves on making that experience as seamless for you as possible. Peter, Kayla and Jessica will do the heavy lifting for you so you can float through the home buying or selling process. They will be your experts on the closing process, connect you with the right mortgage broker, keep you on schedule with important dates and deadlines and give you any and all information you need moving forward. They will meticulously pour over important contracts, documents, inspection reports, title work and more making sure no detail is missed. They will be your negotiator and your grinder. Grinding out any bumps that may occur on the way to buying or selling a home. Working together as a team they have the ability to work harder and smarter than anyone in the business and create an experience that is personalized to your wants and needs. Buying and selling a home is different for everyone and they understand that. 

Our personal and business mantra? ALWAYS have fun. Hand us the stress and let us help you bring fun back into the process of buying or selling your home. 


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Property Staging & Design    Staging by Heidi Garthwaite

Property Staging & Design

Staging by Heidi Garthwaite

Flatirons Pro Media    Photography by Tim Siebert

Flatirons Pro Media

Photography by Tim Siebert